Thursday, 2 April 2015

How to Rearrange your Bookcase (Bowlerhatgirl Style)

Today, instead of revising, I decided to rearrange my bookcase (because I am a very dedicated student...*panics*.) Anyway, this is the very bad step-by-step guide that came from an afternoon of moving books!
Note: This is just what I ended up doing, not how to arrange bookshelves well!
Step 1: Find some background entertainment-in my case, it was season 1 of Once Upon a Time, which is so good right now!
Step 2: Remove all trinkets/non-books from your bookcase and put them in a safe place. I put everything on top of my wobbly TBR pile(s), clearly a good idea.
Step 3: Take off all books stacked in front or on top of books off your shelves and put them out of your way (it is possible I stacked mine right in my way...I didn't think it through, and I kept bumping into a pile and almost knocking it over ).
Step 4: Take off the remaining books and stack them somewhere.
*Optional Step 5*: Build a mini book fort and have a slight panic at how many books you have to fit in one bookcase. Below should be a picture of my own book fort, which I was very proud of.
Step 6: Start putting books back on your shelves, arranging them by genre, title, colour or however you choose to arrange books(Although I could never arrange my shelves by colour;all of the series wouldn't be together which would drive me mad).
*Optional Step 7*: Get distracted by background entertainment (Henry :O).
Step 8: Abandon your system when you realise it won't work and start stacking as many books in as you can.
Step 9: Panic once more as you look at the last few books that won't fit on your shelves. Why are there always some that don't fit in, even though they all went in before?!
Step 10:  Fit in the remaining books and add the trinkets back on.
Step 11: Stand back and admire your wonderfully organised bookcase!