Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Writerly Ramblings 3 - A Writing Playlist

Hi all!

Writing is - surprisingly - going well! I've passed the halfway point in the story, and it's so rewarding to see how everything is fitting together. Plots and subplots are coming together, relationships are being made - or broken, as I am an evil writer! -  and I feel comfortable in the world finally.

One of the hardest things about creating a fictional world, I think, is making up customs and a feeling that these are a normal thing in the characters' lives. I've had to sit down and focus on what different things my characters do in this world, and more importantly why; I don't just want to have a tradition just to have a tradition if that makes sense.

Character-wise I think they're what I intended them to be. For the first time in my writing I'm really thinking if a character would say what I want them to say, if their actions are typical for them or if they need justifying or changing. I'm writing from two different points of view - Esme's and Marisol's - and one thing I'm finding hard is trying to keep their voices distinct. They're both strong independent characters but in different ways, so it's a task to keep them in line!

I thought I would share some of the songs I listen to while writing! I have a playlist of about 30ish songs that I just put on a loop when I write, which mainly consist of Ruelle, Halsey, and Broods (Sidenote: I just discovered Broods and they are AMAZING!). Here are 10 songs that I find create an epic, let's-go-write-a-kickass-scene atmosphere.

  1. Live Like Legends - Ruelle
  2. Bridges - Broods
  3. Is There Somewhere - Halsey
  4. Alive - Sia
  5. If You Leave Me Now - Foxes
  6. Don't Let Me Down - The Chainsmokers
  7. Bad Dream - Ruelle
  8. Rise Up (Reprise) - Foxes
  9. Figure 8 - Ellie Goulding
  10. Conscious - Broods
All of these songs help me set the scene for a certain chapter, and most of them make my characters feel more badass. I believe that music can help you create emotions in your writing, and sometimes you'll stumble along a song that completely fits your novel. For my story, I think either Rise Up or Conscious work well.

Let me know if you like this playlist, and I'll make another! What are some of your favourite songs to write to? How is your writing going? I'd love to hear from fellow writers!
Thanks for reading (:

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