Sunday, 29 March 2015

Shadow Kiss - Review

Title: Shadow Kiss
Author: Richelle Mead
Part of a series? Yes, the third in the VA series.
Rating: 4

*This review will contain spoilers for Vampire Academy books 1-3*

After reading Shadow Kiss,  I finally understand why everyone loves Vampire Academy, and I finally understand why people ship Romitri! I think the more I read VA books, the more I love them. It's taken me a while to get used to Richelle Mead's writing style again, but I'm almost there.

My favourite scene from this book would have to be when Christian and Rose were fighting the Strigoi together. Richelle Mead writes fight scenes really well,  so I could picture them easily. I loved the way they became friends (ish) in this book.

Onto Dimitri, Lissa and Rose! They were so good together, and I would have cried about Dimitri if my friend hadn't told me that he became a Strigoi. Lissa and Rose's farewell nearly did make me cry as their friendship is so strong and Lissa relies on Rose completely. It'll be interesting to see how she manages without Rose in the next book.

One thing that I really didn't like is the way Rose treated Adrian. In case you hadn't spotted this in my review of Frostbite, I love Adrian. A lot. He is one of my favourite male characters, probably out of every book I've read. So it upset me when Rose tried to flirt with him just so he would help her. She even says that it's "low of her", and I was so annoyed with her!

All of the threads in the story were interesting: the Măna, the Queen's plans for Adrian and Lissa, the Dhampirs preparing to be Guardians.  I especially loved how Rose can see ghosts now,  and how seeing Mason helped her accept she wasn't fully responsible for his death.

I have about three more books to read before I go back to this series and read Blood Promise, but I'm excited to continue with it.


  1. oh😲i really want to read these. But are they Young Adult?(im 40) do they have sexy bits

    1. They are young adult books, but don't let that stop you! The books I've read in this series are really good; I'd give them a chance. And there are a few steamy moments here and there, but I wouldn't say romance is the main focus all of the time. Hope that helps!